Sending meeting proposals
  • 21 May 2024
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Sending meeting proposals

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Sending Internal Meeting Proposals

Open Scheduling Assistant

  1. Navigate to the dashboard of the application.

  2. Click Schedule new meeting to open the schedule wizard for a new meeting.

  3. Enter the title of the meeting under "Meeting Title".

Set Time Window for Meeting

Clicking on the date fields opens a calendar pop-up. Here you can determine the time window for your meeting, i.e. the period in which Zelvor should flexibly schedule the meeting. The first click on a day in the calendar determines the start point of the time window, the second click determines the end point.

Set Meeting Duration

Enter the length of the meeting under "Meeting Length" in minutes.

Set Participants for Meetings

  1. Clicking on the "Participants" field opens a menu for selecting participants for your appointment. You can choose and select participants manually or search for people using your keyboard.

  2. If you want to remove a participant from the list of invited people again, click the arrow next to the profile pictures and remove a participant by clicking "X".

Set Agenda for Meetings

You can create an agenda for your meeting under "Agenda".

Create Video Conference Link

Select the location for your appointment under "Location". You can choose from a number of video conferencing apps where a link to the video conference is automatically created for the Zelvor appointment. You must first integrate the video conferencing app before you can automatically create links. If it is a physical appointment, select "Offline" as the location.

Non-adjustable vs. Adjustable Meetings

Appointments can be created either as "non-adjustable" or "adjustable". An "adjustable" appointment is flexibly scheduled by Zelvor and can be dynamically rescheduled up to 48h before the appointment time. A "non-adjustable" appointment is not rescheduled by Zelvor and is fixed in the calendar. You can choose which option you prefer for your appointment in the scheduling assistant.

Send Meeting Invitation

  1. By clicking on "Schedule meeting" you send the appointment invitation.

  2. If the meeting can be scheduled successfully, you will be redirected to a confirmation window. The invited people will now be notified and can accept or decline your invitation. As soon as at least one participant has accepted your invitation, a date and time are set for the appointment. It can take up to 2 hours until a time is determined for your appointment.

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