Defining absences
  • 17 Oct 2023
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Defining absences

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Define Absences

Absences for Single Day

  1. Navigate to the Tab “Manage absences”.

  2. Click on "Add absence" to add an absence.

  3. Click on the date to select the day of your absence.

  4. Select the day of your absence in the calendar.

  5. Select whether you will be absent all day or only for part of the day.

  6. If you are only absent for part of the day, select when you are unavailable from your work hours for the day.

  7. Store a title for your absence.

  8. Confirm by clicking on "Add absence". A confirmation will be displayed to you.

Absences for Several Days

  1. Follow steps 1-3 under "Absences for single day".

  2. Select the period of your absence in the calendar.

  3. Absences of several days are automatically created as full days.

  4. Provide a description for your absence.

  5. You will be shown a confirmation after clicking "Add absence".

Edit/Delete Absences

  1. Click the screwdriver icon to edit your absence. Follow the steps described above to edit an absence.

  2. Click the "X" icon to delete an absence.

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